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Bank al Itihad

"When searching for business solutions, a key deciding factor for us is a company's ability to respond to our needs in a timely manner for we cannot risk any interruptions or delays to our service. After choosing Tesco, we have never had to worry again. Tesco has met our demands without fail, and its excellent after-sale service, available supplies and extended coverage across the Kingdom has enabled it to respond promptly to each branch’s need. This is precisely why we have chosen to work with Tesco and intend to sustain this long-term partnership which we have built together."

Mohammad Burjak Chief Operations Officer │Bank Al-Etihad

Abdali Investment & Development

"What distinguishes TESCO from other companies I’ve dealt with is its excellent after-sale service. TESCO’s team always responds promptly to our needs and their technicians are professional, well-trained and able to resolve technical problems immediately. TESCO is a reliable company that clearly invests heavily in its team. I feel very comfortable working with TESCO because I know I am in good hands."

Mustafa Alami IT Manager, Abdali Investment & Development

Nahda Press

"Tesco is a perfect 'total solutions' resource for anyone looking to open a business. We turned to Tesco to fulfill our varied business needs and Tesco has risen to this challenge and met these needs fully. Over the years, Tesco has proven to be a reliable strategic business partner. Tesco is renowned for its professional, well-trained and highly qualified staff. We at Nahda Press are committed to growing our partnership with Tesco and we are confident that Tesco will remain a strategic partner for us for many years to come. "

Ibrahim Zaza Deputy General Manager Nahda Press