Sucess Stories


Success Stories

At Tesco, we are dedicated to catering our services to meet the specific desires, needs and priorities of each client. We think of new customers as a unique professional challenge, and set about fulfilling their needs accordingly. Below are just a few of the many satisfied and loyal clients whose operations we have enhanced through our products, solutions and support.

Ministry of Education

Since 2002, TESCO has offered continuing support to public schools across the Kingdom.
In 2002, Tesco was awarded a five year contract by the Jordanian MoE to provide copying machines to 1,150 schools across the Kingdom. Due largely to our exceptional maintenance and after-sale support, the contract has been renewed and expanded to double our coverage to over 2000 schools across all 12 governorates.

Arab Bank

Improved efficiency via Tesco’s instant card issuance solutions
Tesco’s innovative plastic card technology has enabled the Arab Bank to issue debit cards to clients directly from each of its 80 branches, eliminating long waiting times for delivery from the Bank’s headquarters. This decentralization of a vital banking component has saved time, money, and effort for the bank and its clients. The direct agent-to-customer issuance of cards has also enhanced data security which is a fundamental prerequisite in this service.


Tesco’s employee monitoring solutions improve utilization & reliability and efficiency of employee attendance data
In recognition of the link between efficiency and employee productivity, Tamweelcom has taken advantage of Tesco’s employee monitoring system to record, analyze, and ultimately improve employee attendance rates.
Managers across all branches are able to instantaneously access attendance data with minimal paperwork, and Tesco’s advanced fingerprinting technology ensures that all such data is secure and tamper-proof.

First Insurance Co.

Guaranteed safety and peace of mind, through Tesco’s security solutions.
First Insurance’s implementation of Tesco’s surveillance, monitoring, and imaging package has vastly improved its safety and security protocols and opened up enhanced customer service possibilities.
Our easy-to-configure IP surveillance and network cameras are installed in all of First Insurance’s branches, providing real-time Internet monitoring, exceptionally high-resolution images, and flexibility of camera manipulation.