Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Our multifunctional systems enable simultaneous printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, and our management software integrates time-saving devices into work processes . Top quality and streamlined processes will guarantee you more efficiency and optimal output:

  • Office Automation.
  • Copying, printing & duplicating equipment.
  • Paper cutters, shredders, guillotines, creasing, folding, laminating & binding.
Security & Surveillance

The most successful business in the world can be vulnerable to intrusion and infiltration. Tesco’s  security and surveillance equipment uses the most advanced technology to safeguard your workplace, enabling you to leave the office each day with peace of mind:

  • Surveillance network cameras.
  • Access control.
  • Time attendance.
Banking Solutions

Perhaps more than any other institution, banks depend on reliable and secure printing, communication and production management. Our banking solutions support every aspect of financial transactions, from data arrangement and printing to communications and plastic card technology:

  • Variable data printing.
  • Envelop inserting machines.
  • Printing control and management solutions.
  • Production of credit & debit cards.
  • Foip (fax over internet protocol).
  • Plastic card printer and accessories.
  • EMV card solution.
  • Instant card issuance solution.
Leasing Facilities

In order to improve affordability for our customers, Tesco offers leasing services on all of our multi-function devices (MFDs). Our 'lease-to-own' policies vary according to our clients’ needs, and are designed to enable businesses to overcome their budget constraints and benefit from tax advantages over depreciation. To date, Tesco has negotiated leasing services for over 3,000 MFDs across Jordan.

Technical & After-Sale Support

We at Tesco believe that a successful purchase represents the beginning of our relationship with the client, not the end of it. Our after-sale and technical support of products has been lauded as 'truly distinguished and reliable'. We view our customers as investors in our brand and maintaining client satisfaction and loyalty is our utmost priority.